Shaving for a cure

Last year three brave Designworkers volunteered their locks for a great cause – knowing that sometimes a small gesture can make a really big difference. This year we got a bigger team involved in Shave For A Cure 2015.

It was a cross-office, cross-country (including our brand new family members at Union Digital!) team effort that has raised some pretty incredible results to date. It wasn’t just the boys who stole the show though – we even had the girls colouring their hair to show their support. We want to extend a big “Thank you” to all the brave and bold shaved/coloured Designworkers: Aidan, Andrew, Danielle, Jules, Matt, Michael, Ryan, Sven, Tan, Teresa. Another big thanks goes to everyone who has supported our cause thus far. We still have until the end of April to spread the message far and wide. You can help by linking to our neat little video or sharing our fundraising page on your social platforms. Your support means everything! And as always, if you’re keen to donate, just head on over to our page.