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How Recruiters Can Hire For Remote Work Post-Covid-19

September 2, 2021

Excerpt: The pandemic brought in many changes in our lives, the most apparent one being digital transformation. As we are lurking in the post-pandemic world, let’s look into the changes in the recruitment industries and how recruiters can work towards hiring people for remote work.

Remote Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic brought in a lot of changes in all types of industries. With these changes, we also got to witness and experience the massive digital transition that took place in our lives. The pandemic has reshaped our way of looking at things and has made us more tech-savvy than ever before. Now that we are finally and hopefully entering the post-Covid-19 world, we realise the considerable difference in how we operated before and how we are about to operate after the pandemic.

As already mentioned, the pandemic made us go through some serious transformations, some of which will stay with us forever—one of these being virtual hiring or remote recruiting. The others include the adoption of technology and Artificial Intelligence like— an Applicant Tracking System, CRM software, video interviewing software and more. The in-person interviews or interactions are now nothing but mere formalities and contribute in no way more than the virtual ones. The push that came with digitalisation minimised the boundaries between work-at-home and work-in-office. Now that everyone has a taste of what working while staying at home feels like, many prefer working remotely.

With location or geography not being a factor anymore, the candidate, the recruiter, and the company involved all equally benefit in one way or another. The candidate gets to work at a job they are interested in from the comfort and safety of their homes. The company benefits by saving money in cases like this where their employees choose to work remotely. The recruiter now also has a large pool of candidates to select from, thereby increasing their chances of getting the right person for the job. This is why we decided to list below some ways by which you can hire people for remote work post-Covid-19.

1. Create A List Of Skills & Qualifications

It is essential to know what the job demands and to look for candidates based upon the required skill set as that helps one narrow down the list of candidates and makes tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. In addition, the recruiter should be aware of what qualities would be most suitable for the candidate to fit in with the rest of the employees at the company. This includes introspection of the technical skills required for the role you are looking for and the soft skills present in the candidate.

2. Adopt Modern Recruitment Strategies

One has to move with the rest of the world if they don’t want to be left behind, especially in the age of technology. One cannot rely on traditional recruitment methods and discard them if they genuinely want to develop. We have seen how technology has changed the process of recruiting and hiring this past year; it is high time that all recruiters start investing in software that helps make the process quicker. From Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that help automate one’s workflow and keep track of all applications to Candidate Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) that help build and maintain good rapport with the candidates, technology today can help you in every step of recruitment.

3. Creating A Good Job Description

The recruiter needs to choose a job title that will grab the attention of the kind of people they are looking for. One will also need to provide them with a short and precise summary of the job. Most importantly, the recruiter should include words like remote work, work from home etc., in their job description so that the information about this open job role reaches the right candidate it’s designed for.

4. Utilise Social Media

With so many people free at home, often freshers and college students are looking for something to do (maybe an internship or a part-time remote job) but are often not on exclusive professional platforms such as LinkedIn. If you as a recruiter wish to reach out to as many people as you can, you must understand and utilise the power of different kinds of social media. From advertising for the job to building a brand for yourself and your agency, social media can help you gain many candidates.

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5. Prepping The Candidates

After you are done with the screening stage and have shortlisted some candidates, the next step is to prepare them for the job they have been shortlisted for. Conduct mock interviews for them so that they can get used to the professional environment early on. It is your job to help them how to be comfortable as well as professional. This not just increases your chance of getting your candidate recruited but also speaks a lot about your employer brand.

As a recruiter, it’s of utmost importance that you do your job correctly as your candidate, if selected, will be contributing to the making or breaking of your recruitment agency. The right candidate for your client will also help build trust that will allow them to approach you in future with more job orders.

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