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How to Market a Small Business

How to market a small business is one of the most common questions we get: How to get more people to my business?

There are numerous ways to market a small business:

How to market a small business

1. bombarding everyone on the county-wide email lists. There are a wide range of tactics you can use to do this. In today’s world, almost all of the email addresses were obtained of people by either a threat of some kind or purchase of something from the business’ web site. These lists often have a response rate of 1 to 5%.

For every five people you send a message to yet fail to generate traffic, your return on investment would have been reduced by about 25%. This is why a good strategy is necessary.

2. Posting large amounts of flyers and calling everyone on those lists. While this could definitely be lucrative, it is probably worth it if you are looking for a one time purchase. Long term return on investment for a small business is probably going to be a finances issue. It does have the potential to be a cost effective solution.

3. Using keywords, linking, and most importantly, offline traffic generation. These are all extremely effective ways for any type of small business to market a small business.


Yes, keywords help to generate traffic, but they have to be key words. What does this mean? How does a potential customer find your business? Is it by typing an address into the browser-bar of a browser or by using a search engine. These are keywords. If your potential customer uses a keyword to find the business, it is a type of keyword you need to know about. You need to learn these keywords and be effectively connected with them. If you can master the keyword game you will dominate the local market.


Linking is the other major way to market a small business. This means that the customer will link from their site to yours. Hosting a website with search engine optimization pages, research-indexing, etc. is great! This will mean that traffic will be most likely to have been obtained via others’ sites. If you are an SEO professional you know that search engine indexing is the best way to get greater definition of the business. However, for the average small business person this might seem something of a mystery. In fact, so much stress is placed on building back-links and the actual content of the site, that little is done on external or internal linking. This is because in a very real way, the fact of whether or not the business has been linked to is somewhat irrelevant. So start small and smart as you plan your linking strategy. We partner with leading experts in SEO to work with us on New Zealand based web projects, one of the leaders in the game are Hamilton web designers and SEO extrodinaires, Liquid Web. Outside the search engine optimization and external link building, there is the simple task of placing your business cards in places that your customer can find them.

Offline Traffic:

Besides visiting a web-site, your potential customer is going to hit a brick in the wall that is the local business bulletin board. After which, they will either remember a name or number and take that additional step to research any products or services offered. In this case an address and a phone number are definitely a must. The most significant thing here is that also needs to include information on products and services. You also need to make sure that all your contact information is 100% in place and ready for use.

In conclusion:

The very first thing you need to do when you market a small business, is to make sure that you have done all the basics correctly.

Get your site well indexed in the major search engines like Google.

Getting a business card is a must.

Do not forget to get your business cards printed with your name and the address on a business card.

Use the key words “xxx” as much as possible.

Links and back-links.

Classified ads.

Purchasing traffic from anyone possible.

Target word phrases.

Matthew Murphy


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